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bagatelle. Breakfast

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is why we have created a variety of choices for you, prepared with local, fresh produce, meat and dairy.

Bagatelle. Pancakes (yes, those ones)26

Mixed berry pancakes, maple syrup and butter - 300g

Simple Omlette26

Omelette, cream cheese, mixed salad - 250g

Mixed Omlette29

Omelette, olives, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bacon, cream cheese, mixed salad - 250g

Bagatelle. Breakfast32

Scrambled eggs, homemade "zacusca" (vegetable spread), onion, bacon, mixed salad - 300g

Eggs Benedict30

Eggs Benedict, homemade bun, bacon chips, vegetable pâté with herbs, Hollandaise sauce, fresh vegetable tartare, mixed salad - 300g

Porc Breakfast30

Slices of caramelized pork breast, egg, spinach, toast - 250g

Prosciutto Breakfast28

Slices of raw prosciutto, homemade bread, caramelized orange, avocado, mixed salad - 250g

Scrambled Eggs33

Scrambled eggs, cheese mix, bacon chips, fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade dessert - 350g

Protein Breakfast30

Yogurt, cereal mix, seeds, honey, seasonal fruit - 250g

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