Bagatelle. is stylish, it’s fine dining, it’s a brasov restaurant & cocktail bar with an eclectic mix of contemporary cuisine & tasty cocktails. Bagatelle. is located in the heart of Brasov, right where the road that takes you to Poiana Brasov starts. Visit the newest Brasov restaurant and see for yourself!

My story in the culinary industry began thirteen years ago. Through the years, serving under many talented head chefs in different restaurants, I grew fond of the complex kitchen. It was then that I decided to dedicate my time and start learning about the more complex way of preparing dishes and started to truly study gastronomy. In very little time, I realized this was a true passion for me and have not turned back since. Learning from masters of the kitchen and culinary artists, I quickly developed my own unique way of cooking. Using complex techniques, passion and dedication, I strive to create culinary experiences that are both balanced and rafined. I look forward to having you as a guest at Bagatelle. and wish you bon appetit!

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Bagatelle. is not only about great food, drinks, and time with friends, but also about special moments, unique experiences & unforgettable events. Entertainment is a regular feature from live music sessions to DJ sets.

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