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Bon appetit



An appetizer is the perfect introduction to a wonderful meal. Our starter dishes are carefully constructed to accentuate your senses to what's to follow.

Hot Meat Appetizer 29

Smoked pork tenderloin, crispy crêpe ravioli with vegetable pâté, almond crumble, baked cheese, caramelized carrot carpaccio, micro salad - 200g

Cold Meat Appetizer49

Beef tartare with French mustard, herb butter, pickled red onions, carrot purée, crispy bun, micro salad - 200g

Cold Poultry Appetizer 44

Foie gras terrine, fig chutney with balsamic vinegar, salted crispy muffin, celery emulsion with cardamom, micro salad - 200g


Zucchini millefoglie with tomatos, basil oil, melted mozzarella, muffin, tomato compote, olive crumble, micro salad - 200g

Cheese Platter44

Blue cheese, brie, parmesan, smoked curd, "burduf" cheese, walnuts, grapes, apples, mango emulsion, micro salad - 350g


A warm soup always soothes the soul. Choose from a borscht, a consommé or one of our creamy dishes. They are a wonderful choice for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Duck Consommé19

Duck confit, homemade noodles, seasonal vegetables - 300g

Classic Borscht19

Poultry meat, beetroot, spinach, seasonal vegetables - 300g

Creamy Carrot Soup19

Carrots, trout chips, crispy vegetables, trout caviar, rosemary mousse - 300g

Creamy Mushroom Soup19

Mushrooms, herbed mashed potatoes, fried halloumi cheese, beet, pumpkin seeds - 300g

Soup of the Day16

Chef's daily choice - 300g


Enjoy our selection of unique salads made from seasonal ingredients from local farms.

Bagatelle Salad42

Mixed salad, beef tenderloin, vegetable pâté, parmesan crust, lightly blanched vegetables, Burgundy sauce, red pepper dressing - 350g

Chicken Salad35

Mixed salad, caramelized chicken breast, mixed fresh vegetables, avocado, Greek yogurt, parmesan flakes - 350g

Vegan Salad33

Mixed salad, tofu cheese, chickpeas, fresh vegetables, seeds, balsamic vinegar, berries, basil oil - 350g

Cheese Salad35

Mixed salad, blue cheese, smoked curd, parmesan, caramelized apples, fresh fruit, sour cherry dressing with balsamic vinegar - 350g

Marinated Trout Salad38

Mixed salad, marinated trout fillet, fresh cucumber carpaccio, crispy olive bun, cherry tomato confit - 350g


Our home made pasta is made and cut in house using only the best quality ingredients. Try a pasta dish and never go anywhere else.

Tagliatelle Bagatelle41

Tagliatelle, beef Julienne, buttered spinach and truffle oil, cherry tomatoes, olives, parmesan, micro salad - 350g


Tagliatelle, fish mix, lemongrass soy sauce, anise, butter and parmesan - 350g


Spaghetti, smoked pork tenderloin, olive oil, garlic, white wine, ceps and parmesan - 350g

Vegetarian Lasagna33

Crêpe lasagna, vegetables, cheese, tomato jam, mixed salad - 350g

Surprise Risotto39

Rice, onion, wine, butter, parmesan - 350g


Food from the sea is always a good choice. Carefully prepared in our kitchen by our head chef, the sea food dishes offered are unlike anything you've ever tried. Hint... try the tuna fillet!

Trout Fillet41

Trout, spinach, seasonal vegetables, carrot purée, ginger, mixed salad - 180/200g

Salmon Fillet53

Salmon, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes with French mustard, parsnip emulsion, crispy onion, cherry tomato compote - 180/200g

Tuna Fillet69

Tuna infused with citrus juice, goat cheese muffin, quail egg, tagliatelle with vegetables - 200/200g

Seafood Platter69

Seafood and fish mix, cauliflower au gratin, baked rice, mushroom pâté, mixed salad - 200/200g

Main Course

We believe good food is served in generous portions to prolong your enjoyment. Our unique main dishes are especially created by our talented chef for your enjoyment.

Schnitzel Bagatelle54

Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes with garlic and herb cheese, buttered seasonal vegetables, tyme, mushroom sauce - 200/200g

Oven Baked Chicken Breast39

Chicken breast, seasonal vegetables, mushroom salad, chickpea purée, mixed salad - 200/200g

Duck Confit & Smoked Duck Breast55

Duck leg, smoked duck breast, buttered seasonal vegetables, thyme, mashed potatoes with horseradish, vegetable sponge cake, Burgundy sauce - 180/200g

Mutton Chops85

Mutton chops (New Zeeland), baked potato with rosemary, cheese muffin, mushroom salad, red pepper jam with mustard seeds, Burgundy sauce - 180/200g

Beef Tenderloin80

Beef tenderloin, seasonal vegetables, potatoes au gratin, olive crumble, parsnip purée, Burgundy sauce - 200/200g

Beef Burger39

Ground rib eye steak, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, red pepper sauce, potatoes au gratin - 400/150g

Pork Duo48

Pork tenderloin wraped in bacon au gratin, with mushroom pâté and cheese, pork chop with horseradish cream sauce, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, mixed salad - 200/200g


Desert is always a good idea and the perfect way to aproach the end of your culinary experience. It's sweet, we're sweet, you're sweet.

Chocolate Souffle24

Chocolate, caramelized pear, berry jelly, caramel sauce - 200g

The Bagatelle Cake24

Chocolate mousse, baked walnuts, currant jelly, fresh fruit - 200g

Ice Cream24

All natural, homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream, fruit, honey, walnuts - 200g

Fruit Salad22

Salad made from fresh fruits - 250g

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