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Bon appetit



An appetizer is the perfect introduction to a wonderful meal. Our starter dishes are carefully constructed to accentuate your senses to what's to follow.


Vegetable millefoglie, cheese au gratin, tomato jam - 250g


Panko-coated squid, parmesan, Bagetelle sauce - 300g


Shrimp au gratin, tomato jam, goat cheese - 250g

Beef Tartare65

Beef tartare, French mustard, caramelized onion - 200g

Fois Gras55

Foie gras terrine, mango chutney, parsnip puree, crispy bun - 200g

Cheese and Fruit Platter49

Mix of cheeses and fruit - 350g

Bagatelle Platter130

Mix of cheeses, charcuterie, nuts, olives, breadsticks - 700g


A warm soup always soothes the soul. Choose from a borscht, a consommé or one of our creamy dishes. They are a wonderful choice for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Duck Borscht22

Duck, beetroot, seasonal vegetables - 300g

Creamy Leek Soup22

Leeks, salmon chips, goat cheese - 300g

Creamy Mushroom Soup22

Mushrooms, pork tenderloin Julienne, baked halloumi cheese, pumpkin seeds - 300g

Bagatelle Goulash27

Lean veal, vegetables, slightly spicy - 300g


Enjoy our selection of unique salads made from seasonal ingredients from local farms.

Beef Salad48

Mixed salad, beef tenderloin, ripened cheese, ravioli with mushroom pate, fresh vegetables, dressing - 350g

Bagatelle Salad45

Mixed salad, smoked duck breast, cheese, caramelized orange, nuts, fresh vegetables, dressing - 350g

Chicken Salad42

Mixed salad, chicken thighs with mozzarella and bacon, pickled artichoke, fresh vegetables, dressing - 350g

Vegan Salad37

Mixed salad, tofu, fresh vegetables, chickpea, fruit, seeds, dressing - 350g


Our home made pasta is made and cut in house using only the best quality ingredients. Try a pasta dish and never go anywhere else.

Beef Tagliatelle49

Tagliatelle, beef tenderloin, tomatoes in oil, mushrooms, parmesan - 350g

Four Cheese Tagliatelle44

Tagliatelle, caramelized pork breast, mix of cheeses - 350g


Ravioli filled with duck confit, pork crackling, goat cheese, champagne sauce - 350g


Spaghetii, seafood, caramelized pineapple, parmesan - 350g

Surprise Risotto44

Rice, onion, wine, butter, parmesan - 350g


Food from the sea is always a good choice. Carefully prepared in our kitchen by our head chef, the sea food dishes offered are unlike anything you've ever tried.

Trout Fillet55

Trout fillet cooked two ways, seasonal vegetables, polenta, hollandaise sauce - 180/200g

Fish Duo75

Baked salmon, tuna fillet, rice ball, seasonal vegetables, red pepper sauce - 200/200g

Seafood Platter87

Seafood and fish mix, salad mix, potatoes au gratin with parmesan, cherry tomatoes, Bagatelle sauce - 200/200g

Surprise Fish Dish55

Please ask your waiter - 180/200g

Main Course

We believe good food is served in generous portions to prolong your enjoyment. Our unique main dishes are especially created by our talented chef for your enjoyment.

Duck Confit and Smoked Duck Breast65

Duck leg, smoked duck breast, crushed potatoes with butter and truffles, seasonal vegetables, plum jam - 180/200g

Beef Duo90

Beef tenderloin (New Zeeland), veal ribs, mashed potatoes with truffles, buttered seasonal vegetables, sauce - 300/200g

Beef Tenderloin Schnitzel65

Beef tenderloin, smoked cheese, potatoes au gratin, seasonal vegetables, Bagatelle sauce - 200/200g

Veal Chops140

Veal chops, crushed potatoes with butter,buttered seasonal vegetables, sauce - 350/200g

Confit Lamb96

Confit mutton (New Zeeland), carrot puree, potatoes au gratin with cheese, mushroom salad - 200/200g

Homemade Burger46

Ground rib-eye steak, bacon chips, crispy parmesan, roasted pepper, baked potatoes with parmesan - 400/150g

Au Gratin Chicken Breast46

Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and chorizo, grated with celery puree and parmesan, seasonal vegetables - 200/200g

Pork Duo54

Slightly smoked pork tenderloin, pork flank, rice ball, seasonal vegetables, wine sauce - 200/200g

Venison Stew65

Venison vegetables, slightly spicy - 350g


Desert is always a good idea and the perfect way to aproach the end of your culinary experience. It's sweet, we're sweet, you're sweet.

Chocolate Souffle24

The Bagatelle Cake24

Ice Cream20

Cake of the Day24

Fruit Salad22
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